Zeke knows what it takes to win!

img_1699 (A sleepy eyed but happy Zeke on Christmas morning 2008)

Our oldest grandson, Zeke, has an intensity about him that seems vaguely familiar. He attempts everything with an exuberance that is either admirable or challenging, depending upon which side of his parenting fence you are on. Related to things he is interested in, he is a full-tilt kind of kid. He rarely gets into anything half way. If he is invested in something, it has his full attention. By nature he is “all in or nothing.” The challenge, of course, is in sparking his interest in things he needs to do but doesn’t want to do!


That natural drive of his creates lots of future potential but only if it can be directed in the right way! And only if he recognizes that his ability has God-designed limitations. Potential is not limitless, as some would have us believe. Superhuman does not exist . . . for a good reason. We are created to be dependent upon Almighty God. If we reach out to the One who IS indescribably abundant, He fills in the gap and we are made complete in Him!

I haven’t been able to get a “Zeke” moment out of my mind! His intensity often finds its match in fast-moving video games. At 6, he loved to play some kind of Star Wars airborne “blast the enemy” game (obviously, I paid very little attention to the details of the game itself!). Early one morning he was sitting on the sofa playing vs. his dad. Other family members were walking in and out of the room but they didn’t break into his concentration. Only his grampy made up a consistent audience. I was listening from the other room. The usual competitive banter was happening–not much true talk but a lot of “aw’s” and “YESes!” and “NOooo’s” were issued forth. During one of the especially precarious moments in Zeke’s on-screen “life” he was focusing all of his attention on the activity. It was a full-body kind of experience; with the contols in his hand he was making the coordinated hand & body movements required by gamers who are really into their realistic scenarios. Almost absent-mindedly Zeke said under his breath, “Dear Jesus, help me win this game!” never taking his intense gaze off the screen. Laughter erupted because of the unintentional way it happened, almost as if he was so into what he was doing that he didn’t realize that he was verbalizing his thoughts. The timing was a hoot!

In retrospect, it was cute indeed but it was great insight as well! Zeke has learned exactly the combination we all need to be successful. With such focused hard work and, most of all, a dependence upon Jesus, he has everything he will ever need! The team, Jesus & Zeke, is the complete package! And, likewise, for you and I!

You go, sweet boy! Oh, and by the way, he was indeed a winner!