We have arrived!

The infamous 7

The infamous 7

Wednesday’s post:
The 7 wanderers pictured above have finally arrived in Amman, Jordan and joined the rest of the group for dinner. It is now 10:05 PM Jordan time but 2:05 PM in KC (8 hours behind). It’s definitely weird to talk about getting up this morning and remember that was yesterday!

Today (incorporates Tuesday too) was a bit of a blur–lots of travel, moving through LOTS of security (our bags have been scanned so many times they may die of cancer before we get home) and rushing only to wait once again in airports!

We’re definitely happy to be here however! My first (very brief) glimpse of Jordan as the sun sets is of a very arid countryside, with some very flat places and some rolling hills. Amman is a city of 3.5 million, most living in very middle eastern looking high rise buildings that are the color of sand. We joked that if you wanted to direct someone to your apartment house it would be nearly impossible to do so–all are beigeish, all have between 6 and 12 stories with about 2 dozen windows on a single side.

An estimated 1.5% of the population is Christian. We heard the Muslim call to pray at 3:00 this afternoon. All are treating members of our rather naive American group with respect although they are taking advantage of the opportunity to capitalize from the Capitalists. Our group paid $4.00 for a can of Coca Cola, $5.00 for a cup of coffee. From now on we will establish the cost of the items we purchase ahead of ordering them!

There were Jordanian pastors, wives and families with us at dinner. I won’t post their pictures for fear they might be discovered somehow. It was an eye opener hearing them talk about their lives. Say a prayer of thanksgiving to our Lord for blessing America with the freedoms we so take for granted!

We missed seeing Petra today with the rest of the tour group–they reported lots of walking, some interesting rock formations and lots of biblical connections. I’m sure there is much more to be reported but that’s the version they gave us (out of kindness because we missed it, I’m sure).

The pictures and written account will get more interesting tomorrow. We are scheduled to see Nazareth, Qumran (where they found the Dead Sea Scrolls), Beth Shan, The Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee. What a full agenda!

Miss you and many of the things we took for granted in the USA!