Relational Fitness

“A Christian’s Response to the Reality of Loss”
All of us experience sorrow and times of painful loss. If we are among those who fear God’s name, then His gracious gift to us is a spiritual legacy. His providence works with exacting purpose to strengthen faith in Him and transmit it to those we love as a spiritual inheritance.

“Lord of Our Relationships”
Freedom in Christ must precede intimacy with others. Without Him, we are in bondage to sin–unfit for healthy relationships and unable to share agape love. Healing can come to any relationship, regardless of its history, if grace is the glue and repentance is true.

“Successful Parenting Styles”
Keep your eyes on the prize! You aren’t raising children, you are raising adults! But if you don’t know what you want to instill in your children, any technique you use with them will seem justified. Drawn heavily from Dr. Kevin Leman’s insight into successful parenting, this section of a lengthier parenting course deals most specifically with establishing correct boundaries and applying appropriate discipline as it becomes necessary.

“My Coup is Empty! What’s a Mother Hen to do?”
“Empty nest!” Does it sound like all loss and no gain? If you are a committed parent, it can certainly feel that way. Dealing with this significant life transition successfully is a challenge God has equipped us for. He has ordained each of our days! This phase of your life’s journey does not have to lead through depression. There are many contributions still to be made! Newly gained freedom offers the opportunity for a more consecrated spiritual focus and new ways to share your godly wisdom.