Growth in Grace

“Divinely Crafted”

 Spiritual Gifts: In Christ, each of us is “gifted” making us thoroughly equipped and empowered by the Holy Spirit. A redeemed life has a new focus beginning with the discovery of our “calling” and not ending until every ounce of God’s anointed purpose for us on earth is accomplished. This course guides Christians to identify their area(s) of gifting and helps point them to joyful service.
 Temperament & Style: This seminar marvels at our Maker’s work in designing each of us uniquely. Although sin has marred God’s original design, there is no denying that we have been skillfully crafted down to the finest detail. Far from self-glorifying, our study is a strong reminder of who our gracious God is, what He has created us to be and opens up opportunities for us to act more like Jesus.

*The two courses listed above are offered separately or may be combined as one unit. A self-administered assessment to aid personal discovery is available but optional in both cases.

“Godly Goals–Priceless Passion”
Paul’s strong testimony as recorded in Philippians 3 is a passionate statement about what losing ourselves in order to find Christ is all about. His single-minded drive to know Christ more deeply was worth any price to Paul. There is only one person, one passion, worth giving our lives for–Christ alone!

“Consciously Commited–Is Your Trousseau Ready?”
We are betrothed to Christ and a great celebration is planned! Are you filled with excitement or dread at this thought? Especially meaningful to Christian women, this topic explores the marriage customs in Christ’s day and equates them to our covenant relationship with Christ right now. Each day is meant to prepare us for the great marriage supper of the Lamb which is being prepared even as we speak! Hallelujah!

Destination  Divine Devotion. . . His Promise to Cherish
Father God set your bridal price high but Jesus loved you enough to pay it! Oh joy . . . God’s own Son chose you! He has pledged His eternal devotion, your marriage covenant is now sealed, never to be broken, and you belong to Christ eternally. The significance of the bond between a Hebrew bride and groom reveals the true nature of our intimate relationship with Christ as it was purposed by our loving Father God before creation. It displays our incredible value in His eyes and His enduring love for each one of us individually. It also points to the completeness of our new life in Him. Relying heavily on the book of Romans we will experience the wonder of our righteous Bridegroom’s promise to cherish and thoroughly equip members of His Bride.

Destination  Divine Devotion . . . Our Pledge of Fidelity
After the Hebrew groom declares His undying love by paying her bridal price, the bride must make her choice. When we say “yes” to Christ’s offer of salvation, it is a pledge of fidelity. A sinner’s prayer of repentance declares a desire to leave the harlotry of the world for the exclusive righteous relationship offered through God’s own Son. It requires no less than our complete devotion. Consequently, each day of this betrothal period is full of purpose. It must be a time of personal spiritual growth, passionate fellowship and loving investment in the lives of others. The ways of this world sponsor a divided heart but Paul states “I promised you to one husband, to Christ, so that I might present you as a pure virgin to Him.” One day soon, your period of betrothal will suddenly end and at last you will see your glorious groom face to face. Do you know Him by heart? Are you growing more like Him everyday? Your Heavenly Bridegroom must be no stranger when He comes without warning to take you to the home He has personally prepared.

Destination  Devotion . . . Last Stop: Wedded Bliss
Aren’t brides great? All that smiling, beautifying and happy stress! A groom may be thrilled with the idea of marriage but typically he is not as infatuated with the concept of “wedding” as the bride is. Many women spend a lifetime dreaming about what “her” special day will include. But few, if any, are actually prepared to manage the mire of details that must be attended to prior to the occasion. In effect most modern weddings are actually a series of splendid events that direct attention to the happy couple. The demands of planning and plotting the timing of each facet are truly daunting. Guest lists must be confirmed, invitations sent out, reservations made, facilities reserved, presiding officials secured, wedding party selected, honeymoon arrangements completed and, of course, attire. And then there are the rings, licenses, food, flowers, music, pictures, decorations, agendas, marriage vows . . . Wow! Happily hectic . . . and all of it will be little more than a memory in just a few days and then, for most, the real work of relationship will begin.

Ephesians 5:25-27 uses the human relationship between a husband and wife to explain aspects of our redeemed relationship with Jesus Christ. In fact, this analogy is used throughout the Bible to describe the everlasting covenant which is insured by God Himself, and the intimate relationship of the Church to the bridegroom, who is Christ. Remembering that marriage is a covenant made before God signifies that the way you act as a wife is accountable to Him. Your “main man” may not always represent Christ to you but agape love moves beyond mere human reaction. The way you and I respond to our husbands reflects the depth of our love for Christ.

Destination  Devotion . . . Last Stop: Faithful Friendships
We are all on a spiritual journey together! All who have accepted Christ’s graceful gift of salvation are on the same narrow path, struggling through many of the same things. We bump into one another briefly from time to time but it is unusual to find this momentarily deeper connection remain. We have so much in common and yet, by and large, we connect only on a superficial level, especially at church. Such isolation may one day result in spiritual barrenness. This world is a very lonely place for Christians who do not have soul mates who move through the ups and downs with them. God has placed in each human heart a longing for deep friendships, based upon trust, where we can share together in confidence the groanings of our hearts. In this group discussion we will uncover new opportunities to form faithful friendships.

“Flame Out”
Live in such a way today so that you will exit this life on fire for Christ! Romans 12:11 states, “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.” How can we reserve our greatest passion for our Savior? It is said that “where there is smoke, there is fire.” Fan into flame the dying embers of your faith and light up your world!