Emotional Health

Christ-Centered Emotional Health

“Contentment vs. Gain?”
Is it possible to live lives marked by peace and contentment in today’s “gotta have more” world? Paul assures us that it is and the secret he shared with Timothy is the key to our abundant life as well. In truth, Christ is so much more than enough; indeed He is great gain.

“Are You Chasin’ Fleas or Trusting God?”
The worries of life are like chasing fleas around a field. What a lot of fruitless exhaustion and misdirected attention! But it’s when you begin to see these little rascals as elephants instead that you’re in real trouble. Worry doesn’t help you escape the evil you are afraid of; it makes you unfit to cope with it when it comes. Christ demonstrated a better way!

“Lord of Our Circumstances”
Have you ever found yourself in the middle of “one mean storm?” Taken from Mark 4:35-38, we discover that all of the storms in life are submissive to Jesus if we are submissive to Him.