Seminar Topics

The ministry focus of Walk in Wisdom generally falls within the following categories:

Supernatural Parenting
Raising children to be godly adults who expect to serve rather than be served is every parent’s challenge.  Nothing else compares to the moment-by-moment rewards and demands placed on loving parents by their growing children.  There is no guarantee of success, nor is there much indication that what we feed in to them will be enough to teach them how to successfully navigate through life.  The real “fruit” of parenting doesn’t show up until it is often too late to make changes as a parent.  This fact stresses the importance of refining your Christian parenting approach sooner rather than later.  Diane delights to help parents find techniques that work, especially in areas that pester many parents like discipline, communication and expectations.

Betrothed to Christ
This is a popular Bible Study and will soon be a published book authored by Diane Waisner.  Audiences are captivated by the story of relationship illustrated through the beautiful biblical picture of betrothal and marriage of Jews in Jesus’ day.  Each of the 19 steps that a Jewish couple took toward establishing their lives together is a mirror illuminating the progression of our deepening relationship with Christ.

Emotional Health
Seminars included in this area focus on successfully confronting stress, anger and fear with the bondage-breaking power of God’s rich grace.

Relational Fitness
The courage to confront painful remnants of past relationships, as well as the threads of success in future relationships, must be woven from a heart of love and forgiveness which is found in Christ alone.

Growth In Grace
Each Christian is reborn to a new life of service and corresponding joy. Your new God-ordained capacity to contribute must not remain a mystery. The Body of Christ and a dying world are depending upon your faithfulness to steward what God has designed you to be!

Spiritual Gifts
Every Christian is designed to grow God’s kingdom in a very unique way.  When we come to Christ, God-given talents are combined with new areas of special gifting which are empowered by the Creator Himself.  The result is a dynamic contribution that can’t be replicated by anyone but you.  Your personality, past experience, spiritual gift(s) and empowerment by the Holy Spirit create an absolutely unique package that makes your service as part of the Body of Christ distinctive from all others, even those who have the same giftedness.  Diane is often called to help groups discover who they are in Christ and the results are a celebration of what only God can accomplish as she talks about “Perfecting Your Serve.”


Seminars are offered in a wide-variety of areas.. In addition, it will be my great pleasure to personally answer any questions you may have about course content, target audience, duration, logistics, costs, etc.

For His Glory Alone, Diane