Our Day 3–Jericho, River Jordan, Sea of Galilee, etc

I’ll share some pictures with you today because they share more than I can in the time I have.


This picture is kind of dark and through glass but it gives you the feel for Amman Jordan. It is one view from our 15th floor hotel room. See what I mean about the buildings looking alike and very Middle Eastern.


This is a Sycamore tree which is around 200+ years old very much like the one Zacchaeus climbed and we are in his hometown! But Jericho is best known for having the most palm trees in the world.


This is a beautiful picture of the countryside–sorry, a little dark. All of this is in the shadow of Mt. Nebo.


This is a picture of the ruins of Scythopolis, one of the cities in the Roman Decopolis (10 primary cities). This is a section of the amphitheater, very well preserved and with incredible natural accoustics! You can see how one man could speak to many and be heard. The city ruins are in great shape, including the place where Christians were killed by lions.


Walking in Wisdom . . . where Jesus walked!