“No” has (almost) lost its meaning!

Sorry if this hits close to home but I have a real “thing” about the methods employed by Timeshare sales staff! I don’t want to get into a rant here, but what a way to make a buck! Not long ago, my husband agreed that he said “yes” when he should have said “no.” And I can verify that he effectively uses that negative word in other circumstances. He’s no push over. But it was a weak moment–he was at one of those sports shows with one of our sons, enjoying window shopping for all the big boy toys. All relaxed and happy, he was hooked into the deal. It’s the whole “something for nothing” possibility we all seem to be shopping for!

Now there is one thing he knows that gets me all riled up . . . high pressure sales staff that won’t take “no” for an answer. This is one area in which Steve is definitely a little more tolerant than I am. We have been exposed to those “free” timeshare deals a couple of times before and each time I left declaring an impassioned “never ever again!” I listen with respect for a while because that’s the deal we made. If they say it is a 30-minute presentation, I begin timing them at “hello.” When my tolerance meter goes off, we issue a polite but firm “no thank you.” It’s when they start trying to close the deal, calling in the coach and throwing in everything from small appliances to Moon River tickets to “sweeten” it (yuk!) that I begin to use the verbal gift God gave me to declare my final “no” in a moving way that no one could misinterpret. Right or wrong, I leave feeling disrespected!

One reason they push, however, is that it often works! Americans rarely say “no” and mean it! There is usually enough wiggle room in their declaration to create a gaping hole for a talented opportunist who uncovers their trigger points. A little pressure applied to the right place and “wham” you are the proud “owner” of 3 days and two nights all-inclusive in February at the Minneapolis, MN “You Can Share Too” Inn & Resort for life (plus annual maintenance fees, of course)!

Children know the drill and some of the older ones will admit that Mom and Dad’s “no” really means “not sure it’s a good idea but ask me later and maybe I’ll have a different answer.” They learn to harangue their parents because it so often works!

But God always has the right answer and He is an expert communicator. When He says “no” He means it. No wiggle room! Hassling Him for another answer dishonors Him and demonstrates a spirit of disobedience. Proverbs 21:30 uses the word very effectively: “There is NO wisdom, NO insight, NO plan that can succeed against the Lord.” There you have it, a unequivocal definition of success! If you eliminate all wisdom, insight and plans that are counter to God’s Word, pursuing success using the world’s strategies leads you NOwhere!

From our precious Father God to His beloved children . . . with wisdom and unpolluted motivation . . . Ain’t it (always) the truth!

May your “yes be yes, and your no, no.” James 5:12

Walking in proverbial wisdom,