Exposed . . .more talk than walk

Conviction comes from the most unexpected sources. While reading a book entitled “Stand–A Call for the Endurance of the Saints” by John Piper/Justin Taylor, I came face to face with this quote:

“Many people say they want to write a book. What they really want is to have written a book. Talking about writing a book is easy. Writing a book is very difficult. That’s why there are more talkers than writers. And that’s why more people talk about the Christian life than live it.”

Now I recognize that this was just an unrelated example that the writers chose to press their main point which related to discipline and Christian growth. But it certainly WAS the main point God intended for me. Those who know me are no doubt aware that I have been “writing” a book for more than a year now. To tell the truth, the ratio of writing to talking is about 10/90. It’s somewhat understandable because I’ve had 90% more lifetime practice running my mouth.

Besides, when someone asks you what you are doing, “writing a book” is a comment that doesn’t require much explanation. Everyone knows writing a book is a marathon, rather than a sprint kind of a project.

To be fair, I am “writing” my book even when I’m not filling up pages. Research and pondering are an important part of the process too. And, once in a while, I manage to shut my mouth long enough to let the inspiration of the Lord take over. That’s when writing takes the expected form and His original vision for this project takes shape once again.

The point is that God speaks in the most amazingly personal ways because He loves us too much to let us waste our lives. What we do or fail to do is never a mystery to Him. Listen and He will let you in on it. And when He does there is no sense in trying to dispute truth. It is what it is.

In the case of writing a book, tomorrow is a new day and it’s apparent that He wants me to get serious or shut my trap about it! I heard you, Lord, and, no surprise, you are “right on!” I will get busy!

Here I am again, doing more talking than writing . . .for what my personal confession was worth, I thank you for listening and I obviously need your prayers! (<:} God is patient and He is so kind, Diane (What a sweet way He chose to confront my procrastination!)