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Embracing Obscurity

I purchased a book today entitled, “Embracing Obscurity.” I haven’t read it yet but I’m intrigued by the title and the fact that I don’t know who wrote it. Embracing the theme of the book, the author is Anonymous. The subtitle is “Becoming Nothing In Light of God’s Everything.” Obviously this isn’t an endorsement forContinue Reading

What Is Wise Deserves To Be Repeated!

I logged on this morning and received my regular daily E-mails including the following late 1800’s devotional written by C.H. Spurgeon, which is redistributed through Truth For Life (I recommend it highly!). The timing and content is never an accident, and that is no less true today. Having spent the past weekend at Worldview Weekend,Continue Reading

Driving Today God’s Way

I was praying as I merged onto I-70 this morning. . . but this time it wasn’t prompted by the erratic driving around me. I was just in my “discussing life with Jesus” groove. (I’m reminded that people who don’t have a personal relationship with Him never understand such statements–sounds presumptuous at best and hyper-religiousContinue Reading

A Sign, A Sacrifice & A Solemn Oath

I’m back at home with renewed passion to finish the book God is revealing to me. Toward that end, I am the eternal student. If I am to write about the relationship between God and man, it’s imperative that I learn more about the nature of “covenant.” It’s a word we don’t use much inContinue Reading