The Romanian “House of Hope”

Precious orphaned children in Romania need your help! Many state-run orphanages are being closed and the affected children often are turned out on the street. House of Hope Romanian Mission Center is ready to take these children in, to love them and teach them useful life skills. The only barrier to this is lack of money. The Mission Center dorm building must be finished before they can come. Volunteers stand ready to complete the building project but there is little money for materials. An estimated $150,000 is needed to completely finish the dormitory that will house more than 100 children.

Please consider doing something. Checks can be written to their stateside address: House of Hope, Romanian Orphan Ministry, P O Box 21111, Hartford, KY 42347.

I have seen the work of this ministry firsthand and can endorse it wholeheartedly. If you have any questions about House of Hope, feel free to send me an E-mail and I’ll make sure they are answered.

View a video of House of Hope Mission Center on YouTube. Just type in “House of Hope Romania.”

Loving God and All Those He Loves,