2010 . . . Again??

The following is a page from yesterday’s journal entry. I offer it to you not as any great literary piece but because we are called to take stock of where we are, where we have been and where we are headed.

Beginning 2010. . . am I any different than in 2009 or just older? Have I grown in good ways? Am I more mature in the things of faith or have I stepped out of the struggle in immaturity? Am I countering temptation more successfully or do I continue to stumble and fall without much resistance? Have I internalized the truths of scripture and been fortified as a result? I’m older but am I wiser at all? Do I know more scripture than I did before? How many new verses do I now treasure in my heart? During these last 365 days of fleeting life have I allowed God to prove to me that the fervent prayers of a righteous woman are powerful and effective? Have they yielded much in the lives of others? Have I captured every opportunity God gave me for service? Have I just chosen to serve Him when it was “convenient” to me? Have I loved sacrificially . . . my husband? my family? my friends? my “neighbors?” the unlovable? Do I understand the riches of grace any better than I did before? Do I grasp my constant need of it and the blessing of its eternal flow into my life? Have I been the “face of grace” to others or am I continuing to walk in self-righteous sin? Am I more equipped to live my life as a “stranger here in reverent fear”? My calling to be holy as He is? Do I love Christ more passionately? Follow Him more patiently?

Do I desire to answer an unqualified “YES” to these questions? Examine your days, Diane; they reveal your true priorities!

Well, here is 2010–a new year–a new decade (God willing) and this analysis is just an exercise in futility if I fail to steward myself well from this very moment on!

” . . . this one thing I DO, forgetting what is behind (learning from it but not allowing it to be an anchor) and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3 (emphasis & explanation mine)

May God grant you and I the faith and knowledge to walk in His wisdom in 2010! Peace and grace for your new year!