Monthly Archives: February 2009

Driving Today God’s Way

I was praying as I merged onto I-70 this morning. . . but this time it wasn’t prompted by the erratic driving around me. I was just in my “discussing life with Jesus” groove. (I’m reminded that people who don’t have a personal relationship with Him never understand such statements–sounds presumptuous at best and hyper-religiousContinue Reading

A Scared Little Chicken & The Dog Next Door

We raise chickens because we like fresh, organic eggs, offered the way God designed them to be. For those who have yet to experience an egg in it’s “natural environment,” I hate to be the bearer of bad news . . .but it won’t be the first time! The bleached white, uniform eggs most ofContinue Reading

A Sign, A Sacrifice & A Solemn Oath

I’m back at home with renewed passion to finish the book God is revealing to me. Toward that end, I am the eternal student. If I am to write about the relationship between God and man, it’s imperative that I learn more about the nature of “covenant.” It’s a word we don’t use much inContinue Reading

The Promised Land

Today, the land God gave as an inheritance to his people is often identified within the borders of the state of Israel even though the Promised Land encompasses much more territory. The beautiful, fruitful part of this blessed land inspires awe.Continue Reading

Wild Olive Branches

Two thoughts keep floating to the surface from our recent trip to Israel. The first relates to God obvious blessing on His people and their land. There can be no doubt that, despite the Jews resounding rejection of their Messiah, God’s covenant blessing remains with them. God is the covenant-keeper! His hand is still onContinue Reading