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Reflections on Egypt

The grandeur of yesterday amid the poverty of today is the best way to begin to summarize what we experienced in Egypt. A visit in this eclectic land is hard to forget. The slums of Cairo sit in the shadow of the mighty pyramids. Once again, a study in contrasts. Between the incredible smog (CairoContinue Reading

From the Valley of Kings

This leg of our trip is spent in Egypt. Saturday evening finds us in Luxor, Egypt. We left Cairo this morning (3 am wake up call) and flew the short distance to this picturesque city famous because of it’s historical sites including The Valley of the Kings where King Tutankamen’s tomb lies alongside many others.Continue Reading

Qumran, the Wilderness of Judea & The Dead Sea

(Once again, sorry for the delay in posting. I’m thrilled to have access to Internet once again.) Today we were on the bus a lot (hence the first picture) traveling from Jerusalem to our final destination of Jericho where we are spending tonight (Tuesday). Along the way we stopped at Beit Guvrin, bell shaped cavesContinue Reading

Jerusalem–The City Made Holy By Christ

Somewhere near the very spot (pre powerlines, of course) where I took the picture below was where Jesus, nearing the time of His crucifixion spoke the following words: “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a henContinue Reading

Touring in Israel on the Jewish Sabbath

Greetings from Israel on the Lord’s Day! The Jews observance (or regrettably, their lack of observance) began at sunset last night and ended at sunset tonight. Although all Jewish businesses are closed on the Sabbath, it seems that too many Jews have left even the religious observance of years past and now use this dayContinue Reading

Day 4-Friday in God’s Country

This was a good day. . .what a rush. . .spiritually and literally! We saw so many things that we practically ran from one significant site to another. Our tour guide, Dr. Anderson, 73, is mensa intelligent with the most incredible memory I’ve ever encountered and he is distance durable. That man has one gearContinue Reading

Our Day 3–Jericho, River Jordan, Sea of Galilee, etc

I’ll share some pictures with you today because they share more than I can in the time I have. This picture is kind of dark and through glass but it gives you the feel for Amman Jordan. It is one view from our 15th floor hotel room. See what I mean about the buildings lookingContinue Reading

We have arrived!

Wednesday’s post: The 7 wanderers pictured above have finally arrived in Amman, Jordan and joined the rest of the group for dinner. It is now 10:05 PM Jordan time but 2:05 PM in KC (8 hours behind). It’s definitely weird to talk about getting up this morning and remember that was yesterday! Today (incorporates TuesdayContinue Reading

Traveling is a trip!

Monday–our first “travel” day (promises . . .promises): Don’t know exactly where to start . . .the end of today looks a lot like the beginning . . . Our tour hasn’t gotten off the ground . . .unless 15 or 20 minutes of air time going nowhere counts! After getting up when the alarmContinue Reading

Many Words . . . Taming the Wild Things!

Words are wild unless God is in control!Continue Reading